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Top 7 High Paying Fashion Designer Jobs

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The meaning of “fashion designer” is no longer unfamiliar to anyone. A large number of fashion designers are working in the street fashion sector where production is high and cost is low. These fashion designers look to catwalk shows, the latest fashions, and popular goods from the past fall for ideas when creating appealing looks. The fashion industry is developing rapidly today, which has led to many fantastic employment prospects. Now you can live your ideal life and make a solid living at the same time. Today, the fashion industry not only provides you with a fantastic career path but also with high-paid fashion designer jobs.

For inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 six-figure fashion designer jobs and their responsibilities. There are numerous lucrative positions for fashion designers that offer great income and room for advancement. For these career pathways to succeed and stand out in the cutthroat world of fashion. It requires devotion, perseverance, and originality.

Purchasing Manager Fashion Designer Jobs

In order to choose products that can be sold in retailing or department stores. Buyers keep an eye on the most recent fashion trends. Managers sometimes have to visit exhibitions including runway shows or interact with designers to find products as part of their profession. Before choosing what to offer in stores, purchasing managers assess the product’s pricing, quality, and consumer preferences. They could also be in charge of coordinating delivery and managing agreements with vendors.

Estimated Salary per Year $124K

Fashion Design Director 

Directors of fashion design oversee a group of designers who create collections for an outlet store or brand. Each season of fashion, they give their staff creative direction to make sure the items are in line with consumer needs and the latest styles. Directors of fashion design are responsible for overseeing every step of the production process, including market analysis, design ideas, product fits, and more. They also maintain compatibility across different product categories, such as ensuring that a brand’s children’s and adult clothing products have a uniform appearance.

Estimated Salary per Year $178K

Creative Director

The general goal and strategy of the product are determined by the creative director from beginning to completion. A creative director is also responsible for maintaining a close working connection with the customer, managing the project finances, as well as maintaining track of the entire timeline. Additionally, it involves evaluating customer requirements, developing designs, and engaging with both local and international clients. They might occasionally be needed to create graphic designs and at other times they might be in charge of hiring and overseeing both external design firms and in-house design resources.

Estimated Salary per Year $180K

Fashion Marketing Manager job

Managers of fashion marketing choose the promotional tactics that will increase revenue for a business or product. They are in charge of organizing marketing initiatives, coming up with marketing initiatives, and evaluating the outcomes of these strategies. Fashion marketing managers coordinate the building of briefs, logos, and packaging designs used to promote products in conjunction with marketing departments and product development teams. In order to determine whether a marketing plan is successful or requires adjustment, they must also keep an eye on market trends.

Estimated Salary per Year $130K

Fashion Stylist

Assisting customers in looking their best or showcasing the clothing itself, fashion stylists create and arrange outfits. They may choose attire for photo sessions, commercials, movie and broadcast projects, or other public appearances. The job responsibilities of stylists include staying current on trends by going to fashion exhibitions or meetings, procuring apparel from businesses, and working with other artistic professionals on sets, such as hairstylists, makeup artists, and art directors.

Fashion Consultant

 A fashion advisor provides assistance in finding the ideal clothing for a particular occasion. Consultants examine customers’ requirements and taste either privately or in categories, after which they suggest choices for clothes that fit their budget limits and personal interests. Celebrities and other people who feature in advertising and other media might be styled by fashion advisors. This could involve giving them advice on what to wear that complements their body types, as well as instruction on how to hold a position or stand so that it appears good on screen. In the US, a fashion consultant has an average pay of $58,306. The usual starting salary for a fashion consultant is $38,000 to $89,000 annually. Consultants make, on average, $28.03 per hour.

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers make unique apparel and accessories, frequently concentrating on particular goods. According to the designer, designers might make goods for luxurious shops, and retail stores. Every step of designing a line of clothing, from conceptualizing and drawing design concepts to making sample clothes and selecting materials, involves fashion designers. Decisions about manufacturing, production, and marketing may be made by those who have greater influence over their designs.