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Arielle Charnas marketing strategies for Something navy

Arielle Charnas, something navy

American influencer, businesswoman, and designer Arielle Charnas. Arielle is the Something Navy clothing chain’s creator and lead designer. Additionally, she runs the well-liked lifestyle blog and Instagram account Something Navy. Charnas is well-known for posting style, makeup, and lifestyle content on Instagram, where she has amassed over 1.5 million followers. The blog and Instagram account, which both have sizable followings, have contributed to the promotion of the apparel line. One of the most famous influencer entrepreneurs in the fashion sector, Arielle has used her social media presence to forge a strong bond between her own image and Something Navy.

Why is Arielle Charnas getting hyped suddenly?

I don’t know of any recent occurrences, though, that could be the reason for Arielle Charnas’ popularity to suddenly soar. It’s likely that she just launched new projects, worked with other brands, or debuted new apparel lines that attracted interest and attention. She may also continue to remain popular due to her social media activity and influence in the fashion and beauty domains. Without more information, it is difficult to pinpoint the particular reason why there may be a rapid rise in popularity.

Famous work of Arielle charnas

Among the many items Arielle Charnas is renowned for are

Something Navy: Arielle is the creator and lead designer of the popular clothing line Something Navy, which is well-known for its feminine and adaptable attire. The famous Something Navy style blog and Instagram account are operated by Arielle, who also publishes outfits, makeup, and personality material on both platforms. 

Partnerships: Arielle has worked with a number of companies, including DSW, Nordstrom, Rent the Runway, Revolve, and Shop bop. These partnerships have aided Arielle in expanding her following and raising her brand recognition. The supporters have the opportunity to buy unique products in a variety of price ranges and places thanks to collaborations with other companies and merchants.

Personality taste: Arielle is well known for her easy, elegant, and feminine sense of dressing. Her love of traditional, ageless objects with a modern feel has a big impact on her sense of style. She frequently chooses simple, simplistic patterns, but she also works current trends into her ensembles.

Business passion: Arielle is regarded as one of the most famous influencer-businesswomen. She has rapidly expanded her brand and clientele and is a source of motivation for many.

Why Something Navy is so popular?

Arielle Charnas established the clothing line Something Navy in 2016. It is renowned for its stylish and functional apparel. The company sells a variety of apparel alternatives. Notably outfits including tops, slacks, and coats. As well as jewelry and purses as accessories. The brand caters to sophisticated women looking for clothes that is nevertheless practical. The casual, fashionable, and feminine Something Navy aesthetic is reported to have been greatly influenced by Arielle’s own sense of style. The company’s ability to provide fashionable yet functional products at reasonable pricing has helped it build a loyal customer base. Something Navy has grown significantly in reputation and has been highlighted in a number of magazines, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle. Additionally, the company has received accolades for its size diversity, since they provide a large selection of sizes.

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Marketing and promotion strategy of Arielle charnas

There is nothing something secret. Arielle charnas also uses normal marketing strategies as other brands do. Arielle charnas use the following strategies to get more sales and profit.

Engaging influencers

On social media, Arielle has a sizable fan base, especially on Instagram where she has more than a million followers. She frequently includes the apparel from the business in social posts and probably uses her private account to advertise it. To market the business, she also works with other celebs.

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Social Media platforms

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are just a few of the social media channels that Arielle uses to interact with her fans and advertise her company. To foster a sense of connection among her followers, she posts consumer information, behind-the-scenes media, and early peaks of upcoming designs.


Arielle publishes fashion and beauty blogs, including material for the well-liked lifestyle site Something Navy. For Arielle, this blog is a fantastic platform for interacting with the fans and promoting the brand.

Email marketing

Arielle also makes use of email marketing to spread the news about the company and notify her customers on new releases, discounts, and other brand news.


In order to market the brand and offer her audience a chance to engage with her. Arielle also organizes events like pop-up shopping and trunk shows.