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Fashion Figure Drawing Tips | Fashion Illustration

Fashion Figure Drawing Tips: As every figure is unique, one of the most challenging components of fashion figure drawing is to recreate the human figure on canvas. Drawing figures may be the appropriate task for you if you are an artist who enjoys illustration design. In fashion design, the necessity of excellent drawing abilities cannot be overstated. Drawing aids designers in better understanding creative ideas.

When drawing figures, there are so many elements to keep in mind; in fact, drawing is the first phase of a successful project. It’s all about your attentiveness and observation abilities when it comes to drawing correctly.

After that, you must write down your thoughts, and your artwork must be able to convey the core of the figure.

The body must first be placed beneath the attire in order to draw a good fashion figure. In this post, we will not learn fashion figure drawing but we will discuss some important points which will aid you to draw fashion figures like a pro. Before starting it is obvious to mention here. You can draw fashion figures with or without apparel. But it can be dressed in undergarments, a swimming suit, a frock. Usually, many artists only draw in the body. According to my opinion, you will have no issue sketching a figure one in underclothes. For someone who knows how this is a time saver.

Here are a few basic steps to follow while drawing a fashion figure:

  • Before picking up the pencil, take a good look at your object.
  • Take some photos so you can keep drawing even if the model isn’t available.
  • Start with a simple idea to aid in further drawing.
  • Don’t forget to consider the overall structure.
  • Make an effort to capture all of the model’s main properties.

What characteristics distinguish a good fashion illustration?

Here are some helpful hints for sketching outstanding fashion illustrations and improving your creative skills. One of the most crucial components of fashion illustration is understanding body types. While drawing an illustration, keep in mind that styling, posing, and textiles are all important considerations.

Fashion Figure Drawing tip 1: Recognize the body shape and skin type

Consider positioning and adding details.

Haircuts, patterns, and accessories are all part of the detailing process. Not only that, but you may also include a variety of other aspects in your fashion illustration design.

Textured Fabrics: What You Need to Know

One of the most enjoyable aspects of fashion illustration, in my opinion, is when an artist can represent the heaviness and feel of a material in the drawing or painting. As a user and designer, I love indulging in such kinds of details.  It helps to immediately identify the outfit. And it’s considerably more genuine than everything else displayed in the same way.


When drawing a fashion figure, the most important thing to remember is that the body is made up of curves rather than neat lines. The arcs used to draw the designs should bend all-around body as well. It’s time to add details to the basic garment after you’ve sketched it out. These can be accomplished with a few delicate strokes on the figure’s outline, as well as tinting. Coloring can also be used to provide a more realistic depiction of the finished product.

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