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How to draw Fashion illustrations in just 4 steps?

What is the definition of fashion illustration? Fashion illustrations are mock-ups of an artist’s thoughts before production. Drawings, paintings, and digital illustrations of dressed figures are all included in fashion illustrations. Fashion graphics dramatically reduces the chances of design failure after production in the fashion business. It aids the artist in researching style, usefulness, fitting, color combinations, and much more. Magazines, articles, books, and other publications feature watercolor illustrations and sketches of outfits before photography.

Vogue magazine’s cover page featured fashion illustrations. Fashion illustration is a career-oriented creative discipline. It’s also becoming a popular hobby at events such as weddings and promotional programs, for fashion designers to create short sketches of the guests. Want to Learn fashion designing courses online?

The Background of Fashion Illustrations

Fashion illustration started in the early Middle Ages when global exploration and discovery sparked an interest in people’s clothing and costumes from all over the world. To help alleviate the fear of change and social turmoil various books were published to demonstrate proper dress codes for various social groups and cultures.  These were the first devoted dress illustrations, and they served as a model for trendy illustrations. The pictures were most likely provided to fashion designers, stylists as a source of inspiration for new ideas.

4 Things to do to become a great fashion illustrator

Learning the human body is the first activity: Fashion illustration comes in a variety of styles. They all begin with studying and mastering the fundamentals of drawing the human body. Learn Body Anatomy.

Dropping Light and shadow effects: In fashion illustration, light and shadow are crucial to capture the right angle at which the model is positioned and offer dimension, texture, shape, a hint of motion, and a little glitter.

Source for drawing illustration: Using different mediums such as graphite, watercolor, pastel, and markers. Illustrators produce effects of various materials capturing the excitement and essence of the design. Pencil or graphite reveals subtle values in clothing and accessories on models. There is an unstated elegance to gray tone renderings, which concentrate on form and texture evenly. Watercolor softens or abstracts the illustration. Illustrators work to reveal the material qualities as well as capture the style and type of clothing. The selection of media to match the fashion is important as it communicates different emotional tones and moods.

Drawing fashion

It’s your turn as a fashion artist now that you know how to proportion a body and shade and shadow a three-dimensional form. What are you going to draw? Consider what motivates and excites you. In order to design what you want to draw; you’ll need to ask the following questions and understand how the garments fit. For which occasion you are designing dresses, Is it going to be formal or casual.

What will be the appropriate fitting? Is the usage of cloth minimal or excessive? Does your dress need subtle detailing or massive buttons, bold and large stitching, or ribbons? do you want to add a collar to it? Is there a cap and scarf included, as well as accessories?


Learn Body Anatomy and understand the human body in order to become a fashion illustrator. Illustrators use different mediums such as Graphite, watercolor, pastel, and markers. To produce effects of various materials capturing the excitement and essence of the design.