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How to style clothes you already have? Fashion tips

How to style your clothes

How to style clothes you already have? Today, it’s extremely rare to find people who don’t have an overstuffed closet. Buying new clothes at reasonable prices is simple nowadays.  However, in this post, we will discuss some amazing tips on how to style clothes that you already own?

When you’re looking at your wardrobe and wondering, “There’s nothing to wear,” avoid the urge to go on a buying binge. Alternatively, restyle your existing wardrobe. By layering in unique ways and swapping the footwear, you may mix and match your outfits. Rolling, cuffing, tying, and fiddling with accessories may liven up your boring clothes.

Trimming, altering, and shading your clothes are additional options. You’ll eventually feel like you have completely new clothes! You’ll save time and money by discovering new ways to style up the clothes you already own. Simply arranging some of your clothing pieces differently might make them look new and different once more. Most women desire new clothes every season, but if you can style the things, you currently have in unique ways, you may buy fewer pieces while still feeling like you have a great wardrobe!

Most Effective Tips to style clothes you already have

Here are some of the top tips for styling the clothes that you already own.

Style clothes you already have By Adding Shades

Try to coordinate colors with tonal clothing. If you have any clothes that are the same color but not the same tone, mix and match them to observe what effect they create. Different tones of the same color look excellent together and add depth to an attire. When you’re mixing colors, don’t forget to mix patterns as well. Having diverse textures gives an even more interesting look to the outfit if the colors you’re combining are more modest.


Some of us have a unique tool for making old garments look new. When you wear a belt or beret with an outfit that you wouldn’t normally wear these accessories with, it can dramatically change the look of an ordinary attire.

From Formal to Informal

We often put our formal and informal attire into two boxes in our thoughts, and they stay there. But what if you wore your more formal attire during the day?

When we buy more expensive clothing for events, we tend to wear it less frequently and just on special occasions in order to keep it feeling exceptional. However, incorporating these formal garments into your regular wear can be outstanding if you want to create new looks without having to buy more. Formal attire is more ‘elegant’ or statement-making, thus incorporating it into casual or casual wear outfits can actually enhance the look.

This is also a terrific confidence booster because you know you look amazing in formal dress, so incorporating components of it into your informal attire instantly lifts your spirits.

Change your footwear.

Try your outfit with a pair of heels or brogues if you usually wear them with sneakers. Try flats instead of heels if you generally wear heels with them. Changing your shoes can instantly refresh a stale ensemble.

Scarves can be used as hair bands.

It may be too hot to wear your favorite shawls over the neck in the summer months, but you can convert them into elegant headbands or ribbons. To make a headband, simply tie a scarf over the forehead, or put your hair to fasten the scarf in a knot over the hairstyle.


Did you know that simply changing the way you look at your clothes in your closet can significantly boost the number of clothes you own? 

Make your denim look rough.

There’s no need to run out and get those pricey faded pants. You may effortlessly distress your own denim in the comfort of your own home. Cut horizontal slits at the front of your pants using cutters, about .5 inches apart. Pull the straight blue fibers between the two slits with scissors. Only the horizontal white threads will remain, just like in store-bought distressed jeans.


The secret to always figuring out new ways to dress things you currently own is to keep an eye on the latest trend to see what aspects are being changed and how clothes are being styled. You can wear clothing much longer by just adding a few style tweaks.