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Top 10 Fashion Institutes in Pakistan

Looking for the best Fashion Institutes in Pakistan. Here are some of the highly recommended colleges to start a career as a fashion designer. Fashion design is a growing sector in Pakistan. Many people make use of the diverse materials available and combine them with excellent fashion design talents. 

You can pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design as an undergraduate student. Many colleges in Pakistan give students the opportunity to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion. the necessary knowledge and training. Which is necessary to succeed in this fast-paced sector. There are thousands of colleges and universities in Pakistan which offer fashion learning.

Top 10 Fashion Institutes in Pakistan

The Millennium Universal College (TMUC) is a project of the Roots Millennium Schools Pakistan, the country’s third-largest school organization, with campuses in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Gujranwala, and Rawalpindi. It is Pakistan’s largest Transnational Institute, devoted to offering high-quality, international education. Undergraduate students have the option of earning a Higher National Diploma (HND).

Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design is a popular fashion and design institute in Pakistan (PIFD), based in Lahore. It is one of the country’s most famous and well-known fashion design schools.  Hassan Shehryar Yasin known as HSY is among the graduates of the Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design.

National Textile University: Faisalabad and Karachi are home to the National Textile University (NTU). A Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design is available to undergraduate students at NTU. Moreover, this course combines practical and technical studies to provide specific capabilities. As well as the ability to create excellent art forms.

Iqra University: Iqra University is Pakistan’s best fashion design institute. It has branches in all of Pakistan’s main cities. IU offers students with practical expertise and hosts a variety of activities and workshops.

LUMS: I’ve heard that the university’s management sciences course is outstanding. In addition, the university features clothes and textile faculty. The educational standards are outstanding. Students who graduate from LUMS are sought after by the world’s most prestigious fashion brands.

IU- Indus University: Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Textile Design, and other bachelor’s degrees are available at the university. Students at Indus University Karachi have provided us with some excellent feedback. The institute is ranked number four among Pakistan’s best fashion design institutes.

Jinnah University for Women

It is counted as the top university in Pakistan for women. Jinnah University for Women is a renowned college that offers exceptional fashion design courses. Generally, Karachi is known as the academic capital of Pakistan. Therefore, most of the world’s prestigious fashion design schools are located in Karachi or have a campus therein.

National College of Arts, Pakistan’s National College of Arts is a well-known institution. It is well-known for its arts-related topics. A bachelor’s degree in fashion design is available at the institute.

Peshawar University, PU is a public university in Peshawar. The university does not provide the same number of practical events as some of the other fashion design institutes. But the staff is working hard to make it feasible to rank among Pakistan’s best fashion design schools.

Institute of Higher Education, If you’ve never heard of the institute before. Then you must plan a visit now. The institute has a trained team and offers a variety of fashion design courses. Although the institute is ranked sixth. But it is capable of competing with the other institutes on the list of Pakistan’s best fashion design schools.


Above listed universities are the most recommended fashion institutes in Pakistan. To start your career as a fashion designer or textile designer. You must have a degree from a valued or respectful institute. I hope you find this article helpful. Please leave a review or comment below for the information provided in this post.

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