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Top 12 jobs for data analysts in fashion industry

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In the past ten years, the fashion sector has experienced a great deal of transformation, creating exciting possibilities for employment. We will explore the job duties of a data analyst in fashion industry in more detail. Also, we will share the top 12 job openings for data analysts in fashion industry. But before that, it is important to know who is a data analyst. A data analyst in the fashion industry is responsible for using any electronic information gathered to assist shop and textile enterprises in increasing profits by forecasting trends and buying habits. This job may be ideal for someone who wants to pursue a career in computer technology without having to give up their affection for beauty.

Importance of data analysts in fashion industry

 Fashion analytics offers crucial tools. For retail firms hoping to boost sales and profits by getting a deeper understanding of unpredictable buyer preferences and habits. Popular fashions can swiftly go out of style in the fashion industry, leaving producers and merchants with outdated products that they must heavily discount. Retail analysts require simple analyses to track company progress and effortlessly detect changing consumer preferences. Additionally, discover developments that might guide the choices they make concerning what to keep and how much to charge. Data analyst experts accomplish this by continuously gathering information from both manufacturing facilities and dealing with customers through various sources. Online Shopping, loyalty schemes, payment systems, advertising campaigns, and on-site polls are a few examples of sources to collect customer-oriented statistics.

Fashion analytics gives merchants more power to forecast future customer habits and direct the next steps of action over a wide range of high-stakes operations, in addition to giving tools that precisely evaluate and explain previous performance. Companies’ performance and sustainability are greatly influenced by decisions regarding what goods they choose to keep in their stores and on the Internet. As well as the discount offer company chooses to provide to consumers who shop online. The fashion industry needs data more than any other since developments are so volatile and buyer tastes are so variable. Fashion analytics won’t ensure that a retailer succeeds with a trend every time, but they can increase the probability and help them identify and fix errors quicker.

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Why pursue a career as a data analyst in fashion industry?

Fashion manufacturers and retailers are creating opportunities for fashion jobs like fashion data analysts due to the market’s growing need for data-driven knowledge and applications that use AI. Fashion data analysts’ primary duty is to use digital data to forecast client habits and attitudes in order to increase profitability. Companies have begun recruiting data analysts who gather, identify, and evaluate insights from the brand’s digital platforms and then deliver useful data to corporate decision-makers.

Fashion data analysts specifically may have degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, but they additionally require to be educated in fashion merchandising, fashion retailing, and fashion consumer choices if they are to accurately predict trends and better understand consumer behavior. Nowadays, whenever fashion firms and stores are searching for new employees, extensive knowledge of fashion foundations, as well as data analytics, may be taken into consideration.

How Data Analysts helps the fashion business?

Innovative layouts

it takes a lot of effort and research to create a fashion collection in order to keep updated with trends and predict what is to come. Choosing which designs to produce has always relied heavily on senses, but data analytics is now playing a bigger role in this decision-making process.


To find the most appropriate vendors, fashion companies work to gather as much information as they can about prospective suppliers. However, assessing several data points can be difficult and time-consuming. Fashion companies may choose their suppliers wisely by using data analytics, which offers a quicker and more reliable approach to assessing this information.


Visualizing information serves as one of the most efficient ways to communicate manufacturing developments to important clients. Lead times can be shortened and errors in the current manufacturing process can be eliminated by providing employees with data visualization reports. Additionally, it helps managers to spot warning signs like drops in productivity, missed production goals, and equipment downtime rapidly, allowing them to deal with these problems before they worsen.

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Top 12 jobs for data analysts in fashion industry

Senior Data Analyst

Company: Best Buy

Area: Vancouver, BC

Job type: Full-time

Data Analyst (Evergreen)

Company: Canadian Tire Corporation

Area: Toronto, ON

Job type: Hybrid remote / Full-time

Sr. Analyst, Data Quality Management

Company: Loblaw Companies Limited

Area: 1 President’s Choice Circle, Brampton, ON

Job type: Full-time

Data Analyst, Business Intelligence

Company: Canopy Growth Corporation

Area: Toronto, ON

Job type: Remote / Full-time

Database analyst

Company: Budget T-Shirt Ltd.

Location: Burnaby, BC

Job type: $40 an hour – Full-time, Permanent

Business Analyst

Company: JDI IT

Location: Saint John, NB

Read Description

Strategic Customer Analyst (12-14 Month Contract)

Company: Irving Consumer Products

Location: 1551 Weston Rd, Toronto, ON

Type: Fixed-term contract

Job Requirements

Business Analyst, International Transportation

Company: Canadian Tire Corporation

Location: Mississauga, ON

Job Type: Hybrid remote / Full-time

Read Description

Retail Operations Analyst – 6-month contract

Organization: Mars

Location: Bolton, ON

Job Type: Full-time

Apply here

Co-Op Supply Chain Analyst

Organisation: Techtronic Industries Canada, Inc.

Location: Markham, ON

Type: Full-time

Full Description

Analyst, Promotion Optimization

Company: Shoppers Drug Mart / Pharma Prix

Location: 243 Consumers Rd, Toronto, ON

Type: Full-time

Senior Business Systems Analyst, e-Commerce- job post

Company: Canada Goose Inc.

Location: 100 Queens Quay E, Toronto, ON

Job type: Full-time

Salary: $120,000

Last date to apply

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