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Jobs you can get with a fashion merchandising degree

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One job that combines a number of distinctive abilities is fashion merchandising. A job within fashion merchandising meets individuals having industrial expertise effectively. To choose what clothing would sell well, these experts require a passion for fashion as well as mathematical and analytical abilities. They also use skills and creativity to select a line of apparel that would appeal to future customers. There are a number of jobs you can get with a fashion merchandising degree such as a fashion buyer, a marketing manager, a clothes designer, and many other positions. Fashion buyers are in the position of handling all of the business’s or retailer’s purchases. They work together with other business executives to figure out what particular types of clothing businesses are interested in selling in the future season.

Purchasing supervisors typically have oversight over retail buyers. They might go to several meetings and exhibits to browse merchandise and make purchasing decisions. We will talk about jobs that you can get with a degree in fashion merchandising below.

Jobs for fashion merchandisers

With a degree in fashion merchandising, many individuals work in the arts, style, or sales.  Many people who have degrees in fashion marketing also prefer to get jobs in the marketing and promotional department. It is important to mention here that the fashion industry is huge so there are many opportunities for individuals who have the required skills.  A fashion merchandising degree can help you get more creative and artistic. Getting this degree will also equip you for a variety of roles and job possibilities. If you have a degree in fashion you may apply for the following jobs.

Brand Manager

The general public’s view of an organization or company is the responsibility of brand managers. In addition to developing and monitoring marketing tactics like branding initiatives, sponsorship acquisition, and social networking campaigns. Brand managers make sure that the products and services they sell perform in line with customer preferences.

Costume Artist

For movies, TV shows, theatre productions, and other acts, a costume stylist develops and makes the outfits. Costume designers engage with executives to design clothes that complement the theme. Fashion stylists must have a thorough understanding of historical and cultural trends in fashion for success in the industry.

Fashion Buyer

A fashion buyer’s duties include acquiring apparel and accessories for an outlet store or fashion business. They must also make trend predictions, choose items, bargain with vendors, manage inventories, evaluate revenue, work with others, and manage expenditures. Salary levels for fashion buyers vary by location, level of experience, and size of the business. The average annual income of fashion consumers in the US is $62,000. Nevertheless, salary scales vary based on the job and business size to over $100,000 annually.

Marketing Representative

A marketing representative is a specialist who advertises a business’s goods or services to prospective clients. They frequently work for marketing divisions, sales units, or advertising agencies. The average pay for a marketing representative varies by area, expertise, and sector. The average starting salary for a marketing representative in the US is about $53,000 per year. However, compensation for senior-level employees in bigger companies may vary ranging from more than eighty thousand dollars per year.

Fashion Advisor

A specialist who advises people or businesses on fashion and style is known as a “fashion consultant.” They assist customers in selecting clothing that is suitable for their body shape, way of life, and unique preferences.

High paying jobs for fashion designers

With a degree in fashion merchandising, you can also work for the following positions:

  • Fashion director
  • Fashion editor
  • Fashion stylist
  • General merchandise manager
  • Product designer


In conclusion, a degree in fashion merchandising can open up a wide range of intriguing job options, from designing costumes and managing a brand to vendor sourcing and advertising. To flourish in the mentioned positions, these individuals need a special combination of innovation and critical thinking skills. For people who are passionate about fashion and want to use their artistic abilities to build a lucrative profession. The fashion business provides a wide range of alternatives. People who complete a fashion merchandising degree program can pursue objectives and establish themselves within this exciting and continually evolving industry.